The Learning Environment

In Montessori, the older children help the younger children

Brown StairsHenry, 4, reaching for the top during
the completion of a broad stair extension.

The Montessori learning environment for the 3-6 year old program, often called the “casa”, is equipped and organized to fulfill developmental needs of children. The characteristics of this “prepared environment” are the result of years of meticulous observation and careful collaborative experimentation with children from all parts of the world and various socio-economic backgrounds.

The environment features the Montessori Materials arranged to hi-light their beauty and to ensure their accessibility to the eyes and hands of the children. These materials embody the principle of “necessary and sufficient” in addressing the wide array of developmental conquests that the children are making. The casa is beautiful to touch the sensitivity of the child of this age.

We trust the children with beautiful things

The Montessori Elementary classroom (ages 6-12) is a dynamic learning environment in which children explore their individual interests while understanding their role within the classroom and society. Cosmic education was the term used by Dr. Montessori to describe the elementary curriculum. The curriculum aids the general development of the child’s understanding of his/her place in and impact on their community and the world at large. Math, language, geometry, geography, history, science and literature are just a few subject areas covered as the children explore individual interests after hearing The Great Lessons.